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Re: SSH buglist cleanup.

On Mon, 21 Feb 2000, Tommi Virtanen wrote:

> 	If that's the case, then I'd remove PrintMotd also,
> 	for consistency. Currently, I'm thinking that the
> 	most logical thing to do would be to add a PrintLastlog
> 	next to PrintMotd, and make their default value depend
> 	on whether PAM is in or not. That way everyone won't have
> 	to turn it off; it will be off -- but if someone wants to
> 	take pam_lastlog away, then ssh can still do it also.

My patch takes both functions completly out of ssh when pam is enabled. No
sense in having them.

It would be good to purge the options too..

> 	I have not even made any NMU yet; I spent a full day
> 	cataloging the SSH bugs to see what's worth fixing and
> 	what's already fixed. But I will try to do the right 
> 	thing..

Hurry up :> At the least fix these horrible pam problems ASAP.


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