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Re: Debian GNU userland for SunOS

Chad Miller writes:

 > (Cross-?)Compile GNU programs for SunOS, and release them.  No kernel, no 
 > Sun binaries, &c.  It should contain exactly everything that's released 
 > with Debian Linux or Hurd, except the kernel, and kernel loader.

I was toying with the same idea a few years back when I was working as
a sysadm at the university. I still think it has a lot of potential.

One challenge (or so it seemed to me at the time, things may have
changed a lot since then) will be to find a way to integrate the
necessary changes with the package itself, in as non-intrusive way as

It is not fair to a package maintainer to request of him to go out of
his to support a non-standard (in the apropriate sense)
setup. However, one should be able to persuade most to cooperate in
not actively preventing it either :-)

My idea was to add a new "rules" file (I called it "localrules") which
would call the real "rules" with the apropriate modifications on the
command line. One of the powerfull things about `make' is that you may
override any variable in a makefile, by adding something on the commandline.

One then needed to go over the "rules" file to make sure all paths was
properly related to variables that could be overridden by
"localrules". I remember `dpkg' as a good example of a package that
needed tweaking.

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