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Potential NMU of bbdb, please test...

Frederic, please consider this an intent to NMU this package if you
don't reply in very short order with a good reason I should not.  The
grave bug against bbdb is a month old, and you haven't responded to it
at all, so I'm assuming you're MIA.

I've got a potential NMU of bbdb---necessary if we want to keep it in
potato, since I suspect it won't be judged important enough to get any
dispensation---that I would like to be reviewed by any interested

Specifically, it would be nice to see if it works with Xemacs21, since
that would allow me to mark the one RC bug as "fixed"---thus keeping
bbdb in potato.

At the same time, though, I'm under the impression that Xemacs21
already has bbdb included with it---a more up-to-date version than had
been packaged, even---so I'm wondering if it mightn't be most
appropriate to just make bbdb conflict with Xemacs21.  Any opinions
would be appreciated.

Anyway, anyone inclined to test the package should be able to download
them from master.debian.org/~mdorman/.

Interestingly, I think _part_ of the problem may actually be a make
bug---as far as I can discern, $(MAKEFLAGS) is being corrupted: the -k
that gets passed to make in the emacsen-common/install file has its -
dropped, so make is looking for a target "k", which of course doesn't

Please let me know if you test this NMU, and how it performs, whether
good or ill.


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