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Re: Potential NMU of bbdb, please test...

>>"Michael" == Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@debian.org> writes:

 Michael> At the same time, though, I'm under the impression that
 Michael> Xemacs21 already has bbdb included with it---a more
 Michael> up-to-date version than had been packaged, even---so I'm
 Michael> wondering if it mightn't be most appropriate to just make
 Michael> bbdb conflict with Xemacs21.  Any opinions would be
 Michael> appreciated.

        Firstly: jusat edit the emacsen install script to remove all
 mention of xemacs21 
 instead of creating a conflict (also remmber to edit the remove

        Secondly, I strongly urge you to use bbdb 2.00.06 -- there
 have been several bug fixes in that version, and I've been using a
 local upgrade because of that. I mave tested the upstream 2.00.06
 extensively with Emacs20 as well.


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