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RE: [debian-jr] Getting started on some work: Applications

On Fri, 18 Feb 2000, Fredrik Liljegren wrote:
> > Quick idea how to "polish" packages:
> > xjig-children_0.1-1.deb
> >   depends: xjig
> > Contents is just a postinst file which changes the config 
> > file of xjig.
> > I don't know if this is a good idea but it might be.  Other way:
> > games-children_0.1-1.deb
> >   depends: xjig, lletters, luxman
> > Contents is a postinst file which changes config files.
> That's one way of doing it, but I think that would bring us a lot of more
> packages to do..  I think I would rather see some kind of standardized
> questiong in the pre-configuration where you chose a
> simplicity-default-level or something.  With the new configuration-tools I
> guess you would only have to answer that question once for all your
> packages..?

Maybe ... Actually, I'd like to see it decided on a package by package
basis.  If a "meta option" is desired, then it should be put in our
proposed "task-" package.  The individual packages could then be modified
to either ask the question, or if the "task-" package is installed *and*
the sys admin indicated they wanted a default simplicity level set for the
whole system, then the defaults would be either presented or automatically
answered, depending on the priority of question asking set for the system.

But before we get this deep into implementation, back up a bit and look
at the problem this way ...  If a package has defaults that are confusing
for children, might they not be confusing for adults too?  Perhaps
upstream should consider making two-sided puzzles (and consequently the
middle-mouse-flip-piece behaviour) an *option* and have the default
behaviour be that it is not enabled (i.e. they must specify --twosided
at the command line).

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