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Re: Debian-jr web page, list, translation (was: Scope of debian-jr , , project)

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Of course.  I can't imagine a better home in terms of emotional
> and technical reasons.  Technical it would be hard to find a host
> which is mirrored all over the world.

Yup.  Still waiting.  Sigh.

> > Ah.  I'm a bit hesitant to make an announcement until we have a list.
> That's perfectly all right.

Heh, well, gossip travels fast and it seems there are already many
mentions of Debian-Jr everywhere, even though it still hasn't produced
anything other than a goals document.  SEUL/edu and Kids Games have
already made many references to us, so I expect before the month is out,
we'll make an announcement, list or no.

> Hmmm, my son was growing up nine and a half year without Debian-jr.
> It might happen that he will be fine also some more weeks :).
> Practically it would be good if it would happen before the potato
> release.  This event would cause much visits on the news section
> and it would be good if we would be next to this entry.

Well, if we announce before the end of the month, this is well in advance
of the Potato release, so perhaps the news items won't be adjacent.
Still, there are advantages to announcing earlier too, as the Potato
release will likely eclipse our little project.

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