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british word list [not] Re: concensus on removing TeX and Emacs from standard

Colin Marquardt <colin@marquardt-home.de> writes:

> * Dwayne C Litzenberger <dlitz@cheerful.com> writes:
> > BTW, do you know of a good word list of Real and only Real English I can
> > get?  I still need that spell checker. 

I've got an untested tool (contributed by a user) that can create a
british wordlist from the ispell british dictionary...  I intend to
use it to create a british wordlist package, but haven't done so yet,
and may also use it to improve the correlation between the ispell
american dictionary and the 'wenglish' american wordlist (both of
which I already maintain).

I'll probably get time to play with this soon, but if you want to try
it yourself let me know.

> Take a look at www.winedt.com. In the download section there is a
> english dictionary which is split in a way that Canadians can use
> it to write texts. The word list (not more, not as sophisticated as
> ispell or aspell) is put together by Patrick Daly, a well known name
> in the TeX world. AFAIK, it has no license on it though; you may want
> to ask Patrick about that.

Thanks, I'll look into that as well and see if we can package it.

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