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Re: TrueType and xfs

On Wed, Feb 16, 2000 at 05:04:45PM +0100, Miros/law `Jubal' Baran wrote:
> 15.02.2000 pisze Ben Gertzfield (che@debian.org):
> > I believe last time I convinced Branden to add the patches, it
> > turned out they were not 64-bit clean and they didn't work
> > on Alpha/Sparc.
> > This may no longer be the case these days, I'm not sure.
> Well, as far as I know from Juliusz, it is not the case for a long
> time... [yet another reason why it would be better to include this
> patch is the fact, that the same mechanism would be used in XFree 4.x
> xfs; as these patches are incorporated in 3.9x series]

Then we'll just have to wait for 4.0.

People submitting huge patches like this that are feature enhancements (as
opposed to bug fixes) get one chance to get it right.

Whoever handed me these patches last time didn't.

It is also very important to me to support all of Debian's architectures on
as equal a footing a possible.  If a patch works for i386 but breaks
compilation for other arches, it's out.  I also don't want non-hardware
specific patches that aren't clean and portable.  (For instance, a font
rasterizer should work everywhere and if it has endianness or 64-bit
issues, that is the fault of the programmer -- it's not because other
arches *can't* use it even in theory.  The situation is, of course,
different when you're dealing with bus types that are on some architectures
but not others, and so forth.)

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