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TrueType and xfs


I would like to know an answer, what is the reason for _not including_
Juliusz Chroboczek's xfsft patches in Debian XFree packages? These
patches add some very nice functionality to xfs: TrueType fonts backend
_and_ font reencoding (if, f.ex. Type1 or Speedo font contains glyphs
for ISO-8859-2, it constructs needed encoding from them, without any
fonts.alias files; the only thing needed is a line with -iso8859-2 in
fonts.scale/dir). It understands also subsettings of bigger encodings.
(More exact information is to be found on JEC homepage,
http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/home/jec/programs/xfsft/) I've tried other
TT-serving font servers, but... xfstt does not use the proper
-foundry-family- scheme, and well; xfs-xtt does not offer such a
functionality as reencoding [or I didn't found it in the

The question itself: why does Debian XFree distribution *not* use this


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