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Re: RFC: Debian an die Schule


Michael Bramer

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Gregor Hoffleit wrote:

> I still have to work through the available documentation of the various
> projects that already exist. Anyway, since my impression was that there
> is
> some interest in supporting use of Debian at schools, I registered a
> project
> "Lernux (Debian for schools)" at sourceforge.net:
Did you checked also
> projects, my current impression is that it makes no sense to come up
> with
> just another project to propagate Linux in schools. Instead, we should
> coordinate with them and see how Debian can help them with their goal.
... that's why I think we should work on the existing project PingoS.

Someone said that it would be Suse oriented but that seems not to be
true, because someone was happy that I offered help by packaging
Debian packages of the software interesting for the project.

Also Michael Bramer (which pointed me to the project) is subscribed to
the mailing list of the project.

> Certainly, this includes lobbying Debian and our view of free software
> and
> its advantages with those projects.
While prefering Debian myself we should not start just another distribution
flamewar in those projects.  Lets just *show* the power of Debian.  People
will decide themselves if we are good.

> But then, depending on the feedback, it may happen that we realize that
> we
> need to strip down or enhance the distribution in order to better fit
> the
> goals, and that this is something that need not happen inside Debian
> (e.g.
> we might consider taking Corel's distribution as base to get a
> lightweight
> Debian).
Might be good in the first stage but in the long run I'd prefer the
tasks idea introduced in the Debian-jr thread.

Kind regards


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