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I don't want to use xterm, why am I forced to use it any way?

Hello ppl,

For a x terminal I like rxvt better then xterm. But when I start something
from a window manager menu that I let debian update they always start in
a xterm. When I let netscape start a telnet window, the standart debian
preference say xterm. Why is this? There is an alternative x-terminal-emulator,
nut why doesn't any package use it? I say let packages use the
x-terminal-emulator and let the user decide where to point it to:
xterm, rxvt, eterm, wterm, gnome-terminal, ect.

Mzzl Joost (de zoveelste)

PS If this has been discussed anywhere else, plz excuse me for this email.
PPS Maybe A new idea (maybe not): let aplication addept the preferensce>>
navigator>>aplication so netscape will know about the new options

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