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Re: /usr/local again

On Tue, Feb 15, 2000 at 12:04:38PM -0500, Jacob Kuntz wrote:
> Brian May (bam@debian.org) wrote:
> > IMHO /usr/local is *my* directory, and Debian packages should just
> > leave it alone. If I want to create an absolute mess under /usr/local,
> > I would prefer it stay an absolute mess ;-).
> agreed. the problem is /usr is meant to work read-only except for /usr/local
> and packages do need a place to look for local stuff. this means we can't
> just use /usr/share/doc/foo/bar. besides, the stuff you'd find in site/lisp
> isn't really documentation.

I think you missed the point. /usr/share/doc/foo/bar tells you to create 
/usr/local/share/site-lisp or whatever. The first place I would look to
find out where to store local stuff would be /usr/doc, not /usr/local

David Starner - dstarner98@aasaa.ofe.org
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