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Re: /usr/local again

>>>>> "Junichi" == Junichi Uekawa <ti0113@mail4.doshisha.ac.jp> writes:

    Junichi> On Sat, 12 Feb 2000 08:40:20 -0500 (EST), Steve Robbins
    Junichi> <steve@nyongwa.montreal.qc.ca> was crying out from
    Junichi> somewhere about: Re: /usr/local again
    steve> touch it.  Ever.
    steve> I think the Debian policy ought to be changed.
    steve> In fact, the policy is a bit unclear or perhaps
    steve> contradictory.  Just above policy section quoted above, we
    steve> see:


    Junichi> I was reading the Debian Packaging manual because I want
    Junichi> to become a maintainer, however, contrary to what I have
    Junichi> always believed to be true, it stated somewhere that a
    Junichi> program should create a directory inside /usr/local under
    Junichi> its name.

As I have said before, I think it messes up programs like stow, where
/usr/local/lib (for instance) could be a symlink to stow/package/lib.
If a package was to create a directory, eg /usr/local/lib/abc, then it
would go in the wrong spot. I use stow to eliminate these types of

However some sort of list of standard directories for /usr/local word
be nice. Perhaps this could be placed in
/usr/share/doc/package/localdirs or something.

IMHO /usr/local is *my* directory, and Debian packages should just
leave it alone. If I want to create an absolute mess under /usr/local,
I would prefer it stay an absolute mess ;-).

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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