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Re: Debian-kids goals (draft)

On Sat, 12 Feb 2000, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> I think it is as important to state what our goals are *not* as it is
> what they are.  So be thinking along these lines as well.
Very nice job Ben. Thanks!

I agree with all of your items.

I just have one more item and one hint.

Additional item (or just inlcude it into the text):
As I stated it is *very* importand for all kids not speaking English.
We can only build a system our children *want* to run if they are
*able* to run and the ability has to come first.

The hint:
I would prefer debian-jr as the name of the project (someone stated in
one of the previos threads).  Reasons:
1. Some of the elder kids might be offended and could think it would
   be something for their little foolish brothers and sisters.
2. May be we keep in mind that not only parents could be sysops
   but also the elder kids take care for the system of the younger.
   (I'm sure you catch the concept behind this idea immediately without
   more reasoning here.)
3. It offers a better translation possibility for me.  I'd volunteer
   to translate your web page as soon as possible into German.  The
   word "kids" is also in German is used but in my opinion it is
   in consequence of a really bad habitat to throw their mother language
   away.  As I stated here some time ago in another thread:

   Possibly you do not know that the Germans are the only
   people on Earth who give away their language for nothing, but
   "Just for fun." (For the non-German speakers here the translation:
   "Just for fun.")
   And now for those 42 people who do understand some old outdated
   German words:
   In Deutschland wimmelt es von Leuten, die englischer sprechen als
   sie Deutsch können.
   That's why I would be more komfortable with junior (jr) than kids.
> Parental guidance
> -----------------
... may be you add here also guidance by elder sisters and brothers.
> Ports
> -----
May be we can encourage and support the elder ones to do ports themselves.
They could be very proud to package their first Debian package.
> Marketing & PR
> --------------
Not unimportand.

Kind regards


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