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Re: the danger of specialized Debian


> Date:    Sat, 12 Feb 2000 19:26:34 EST
> To:      debian-devel@lists.debian.org
> From:    Jacob Kuntz <jpk@cape.com>
> Subject: the danger of specialized Debian
> is anyone else out there scared of the idea of project forking? is there
> another way to provide the same funtionality without adding confusion?
> i'm glad to see that people are interested in making linux availale to first
> time computer users, k-12 schools, and people with disabilities. the
> internet community as a whole needs more of this kind of initiative. i am
> however concerened that if not properly organized, these projects may dilute
> Debian's energy.
> perhaps instead of creating specialized branches, the developers interested
> in Debian for Kids, GNU/Schulinux, etc would consider putting together
> robust packages that fulfill these needs.
> am i off the mark or is there a real danger here?

Add to that list "Trusted Debian". This one is especially unnerving because
if there is a -trusted- debian, where the h*11 does all the other work in
debian lie??

I totally agree. If we want a Debian for Kids, let's put packages in, and
a task-kids vp. I know damn well we want debian to be -trusted-. So all
you security people working on that, all the kids advocates, all the gamers,
all the disabled, student, women, men advocates, -please- contribute to the 
one big pile so we all benefit.


Jim Lynch       Finger for pgp key
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as Debian developer:         jwl@debian.org  http://www.debian.org/~jwl/

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