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better install disks

Bdale Garbee (bdale@gag.com) wrote:
> On the other hand, I think there *is* room for some set of single-CD install
> images tailored for different target audiences.  This is a logical extension
> of the task- concept, and is something I've thought about while thinking about
> what package pools could help enable.  

exactly. we should encourage people who want to add specialized
functionality to fork the boot disks package rather than the whole system.
i know that the debian policy allows project forks, and that's key to the
free software ideals, but i think for the benefit of everyone, we should
point out the people that want to do this that there is a less damaging way.

the important thing is that once these systems are installed, they are still
Debian and still follow the same policies. <yoda age=tpm>project forking
leads to overlapping effort, overlapping effort leads to incompatible
systems, incompatible systems lead the the Dark Side.</yoda>

is there a webpage devoted to the debian installation from a developers'
standpoint? if not, this would be helpfull.

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