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RE: Debian-kids goals (draft)

On Sun, 13 Feb 2000, Fredrik Liljegren wrote:
> This is indeed a good set of goals for the project; I can't do anything but
> agree.

Thanks.  I'm still waiting for any further comments.  I'm inclined, since
I've received no suggested amendments or additions so far, to just HTML
format what I've got so far, and then get the web page and list up later
today.  If people are lagging in reading/commenting on the goals and would
like to see changes, they can always be changed after the fact.

> The methods is a completely different matter, that can (and will) be
> discussed much, but for starters we will need a better place to discuss in.
> Getting a separate mailing list for "Debian-kids" is a good idea, but can
> make the cooperation with others harder.  It's very easy to start discussing
> the same thing on two different lists...  I suggest we keep the Debian-kids
> mailing list very specific about the debian part of implementation, and
> refer the rest to SEUL/edu or kidsgames (depending on subject).

Agreed.  I'm already on both SEUL/edu and kidsgames, and intend to keep
discussion that relates to those lists on those lists as much as possible.
We'll stray sometimes, but enough people are subscribed to all three that
some forwarding between lists will fix that.

> We might
> even want to check with other distros to invite them to the neutral ground
> of seul-edu (which I see as a good center of this, even if there are other
> possibilitied (such as linux for kids)).

Yes.  How do we go about this?  Probably some discussion with SEUL/edu on
our intentions to approach other distros would be appropriate.

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