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x-terminal, $TERM, key binding, etc


I think that this has been an issue for a long time about x-terminal-emulator
and $TERM and key binding.

Recently xterm(3.3.6-2)  just export $TERM as xterm and was meant to close bug

"Since the terminal type xterm is now an alias for xterm-debian, there is no
reason why xterm (the program) should report itself as xterm-debian anymore,
the line "termName: xterm-debian" can be removed from the app-defaults file."

I think there's still a good reasons because xterm definition on debian and
xterm definition on other unix machine (I tested with Sun box running Solaris
2.5.1). In my case, I have xterm-debian terminfo file set up correctly on Sun
box, so I could use BS and DEL key correctly with elvis. If I use $TERM=xterm,
those keys would not work any more. And that's annoying for me.

For shell it's not such a big problem since I could use bindkey and bind all
the key string.

For Home and End key, I think we do not have policy. But since we already have
policy on BS and DEL key to be compatible to linux-console. Why shouldn't we
have a policy on Home and End key. Now each x-terminal-emulator produce
diffrent set of key sequences

With recent potato upgrade (today)
$TERM=linux, H=^[[1~, E=^[[4~, KP_H=^[[1~, KP_E=^[[4~
$TERM=xterm, H=^[OH, E=^[OF, KP_H=^[[H, KP_E=^[[F
$TERM=xterm-debian, H=^[OH, E=^[OF, KP_H=^[[1~, KP_E=^[[4~
$TERM=xterm-debian, H=^[[1~, E=^[[4~, KP_H=^[[1~, KP_E=^[[4~

gnome-terminal still violate keyboard policy on BS and DEL key which I think
haven't been filed a bug report yet. with BS and DEL key gnome-terminal
produce ^H and ^? respectively instead of ^? and ^[[3~ per policy

IMO, if all the HOME and END key produce the same key sequence, we could have
shell maintainer to bind these keys correctly in sysconfig file so that every 
new user won't be hassle about these keys

Version: 3.12
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