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Re: Debian for kids

On Fri, Feb 11, 2000 at 05:26:49AM +0000, Kyle Sallee wrote:
> Are there going to be different configuration scripts for age
> 1->4 , 5->8,  9->13, and so forth?
> Will debian for women, minority women, white males, and so forth
> be next?

What the hell kind of troll is this?

A key difference between children of various ages and adults is their
degree of cognitive development.  (That's why they call childhood and
adolescence period of "growth and *development*", natch.)

I haven't seen or read of any solid scientific evidence of substantive
differences in cognitive development between the sexes or among individuals
of various "races", when all other factors are held equal (particularly
cultural and socioeconomic ones).  Almost anyone has the potential to
become a competent Unix user.  Therefore there is no reason to tie various
canned configurations to sexual or racial categories.  I suggest that level
of experience and comfort with Unix systems is a far better criterion.

Please cut out this moronic and vaguely racist trolling so I can go back to
bashing the French.

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