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lists-archives not supported anymore? not y2k compliant.


last I checked frozen, lists-archives has the following comment:

 This package may also be used as the backend archiver for mailman
 (www.list.org).  For the full effect, configure the webserver:

However, not only did I find a number of problems with incorrect file
permissions (it uses daemon:daemon, mailman uses root:list), poor
documentation (there is no indication that it will automatically try
and use the archives produced by mailman) and buggy (1. it tried to
access archives from mailman in groups of three months, and complained
if they didn't all exist, 2. it listed two seperate mailing lists:
test and test.mbox - both were the same list), but has serious y2k
bugs (it listed the archive as 1900, not 2000, and it stores files
with 2 digit years).

As there are long standing bug reports on lists-archives not being y2k
compliant, I was wondering why they haven't been fixed, or even if
lists-archives should be removed from potato. Perhaps lists-archives
is no longer supported? Should I upgrade the bugs to important?  (I am
unsure of etiquette here).

Then again, if this is the same software that is used by the Debian
mailing lists, why haven't the y2k fixes been incorporated into the
Debian package?
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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