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Re: Bad signature (Was: Wine: not included?)

On 8 Feb 2000, Craig Brozefsky wrote:

> Ah bullshit, anyone who studies their world history knows how much
> capitalism and fascism go hand in hand.  Bill hasn't killed anyone,
> nor do I think he ever will.  I don't think that clever sig is
> insinuating that.  Just because fascism puts on a multi-culti,
> freindly face doesn't mean we shouldn't call it like we see it.
> Win2k Uber Alles, Uber Alles Win2k
Uber has to be über or ueber oer \"uber.
Even if something is not correct in sense it could be right in spelling.

Sorry, I don't share your opinion but I have to do better things
than discussing about such kind of signatures.

Off from this thread and kind regards


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