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On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 05:01:01PM -0500, Elie Rosenblum wrote:

> * Support for accessing large disks (>8G) has been added.  This means
>   that the active partition doesn't have to be within the first 8G for
>   the MBR to load it's boot sector.  The new code will be used on
>   systems which support it.

So why does lilo still not let me make a partition outside the first 8Gb

bash-2.03$ sudo lilo -v
LILO version 21, Copyright 1992-1998 Werner Almesberger

Reading boot sector from /dev/hda2
Merging with /boot/boot.b
Warning: device 0x0302 exceeds 1024 cylinder limit
geo_comp_addr: Cylinder number is too big (1943 > 1023)

Malcolm Parsons
finger malcolm@bits.bris.ac.uk for info

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