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Re: Any Java programmers out there?

On Sun, 6 Feb 2000, Bruce Perens wrote:

> I'd like to fund the generation of some GPL'ed Java code. Rather than
> go through CoSource or SourceForge I'd like to do it through one of the
> non-profits like SPI or FSF.
> I'm looking for an HTML editor in Java for Technocrat.net, so that the
> HTML-illiterate can produce properly-formatted postings in HTML with
> paragraph breaks, line breaks, links, and text in normal, italic, and bold
> faces. This would replace the textbox used to enter raw HTML for most users.

It may be worth cross-posting this to the free-java list I set up, so I
have ;-)

I set the list up in response to some noise on a few lists I'm on about
coordination of GPL'ed (or, at least, free software) java projects, but it
went rather quiet, as these things tend to.

Subscription info at http://www.lists.deus.net/mailman/listinfo/free-java

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