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install report. most things fine and a question

Hi there.

I just installed potato from scratch to see wheter everything works
and here aremy results.

What I did: 
Using 2 floppies (root and resc (ver 2.2.5)) and the rest directly
from harddisk (with apt lateron). (mirror completed on feb 6th aroun
noon gmt)

I encountered one problem when adding the non-us stuff which was
located in
Manually editing /etc/apt/sources.list helped.

after the initial round with dselect and a reboot I had the following

o wrong keyboard layout was loaded (I selected US during install).
  it was a 'awertz' layout.
  in /etc/kbd there are three files:
    x config
    x default.map.gz  (an US layout)
    x default.kmap.gz (the awertz layout)
  /etc/init.d/keymaps.sh loads default.kmap.gz

o the network settings I gave during install are not in use.
  but the defaults ( network) are. (/etc/init.d/network)

o /etc/rcS.d/S35devpts.sh has a syntax error (bug #57005)

And one question finally:

Where is secure-su, it seems not to be anywhere anymore ;(  ?

Please CC any followups.

Thank you for providing such a nice distribution and keep up the good

Peter Palfrader
Yes means No and No means Yes. Delete all files [Y]?

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