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Strange Java problem

Package:  jdk1.1
Version:  1.1.7v3-2
Severity: important


 I have a real strange problem with jdk1.1.
 When I call javac I get:

 ujr@pkfp20 [~] 621> javac
 Cannot open /proc/00760 for GCujr@pkfp20 [~] 622>

 I can not find the reason. Actually, I wonder why nobody reported
 this before. If there is any local misconfiguration I would be very
 grateful if you could help me find it.

 Just because /proc: I'm using kernel 2.2.14, not the
 Debian package, but compiled by myself.


P.S.: I can confirm this for at least two machines and it happens
      (for instance) with jar too, when I use jar from the jdk1.1
      package and not from kaffe.

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