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Re: Strange Java problem

Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler <ujr@physik.phy.tu-dresden.de> wrote:

> Package:  jdk1.1
> Version:  1.1.7v3-2
> Severity: important

>  I have a real strange problem with jdk1.1.
>  When I call javac I get:

>  ujr@pkfp20 [~] 621> javac
>  Cannot open /proc/00760 for GCujr@pkfp20 [~] 622>

>  I can not find the reason.

The problem is that the file is named /proc/760 while jdk looks for

This isn't a problem of jdk1.1, but of jdk1.1-native.  Simply
deinstall jdk1.1-native and your problem will go away.

>  Actually, I wonder why nobody reported this before. If there is any
>  local misconfiguration I would be very grateful if you could help
>  me find it.

This bug was reported in #48807 against jdk1.1-native.
BTW: We discussed this problem some weeks ago here in debian-devel.



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