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ITP libmd5 and libmd5-dev

I've just spend too much time (again) trying to work out how to implement MD5
in my C programs.
Currently it seems that the only way to write MD5 programs is to grab the
source of something that does MD5 (md5sum or any RADIUS server), grab the
md5.{c,h} from that and then try and figure them out.  There seems to be no
documentation for this and there are no decent source code comments or good
header files.

I propose to create man pages, a header file that can be included in C or C++
programs, and maybe a -dev package.

Is it worth making it a shared object?  As an object file created with
gcc -c -O2 md5.c
is only 3484 bytes in size should I just have the md5.o file in the package
and have programs statically link (which means they won't require a
dependency on libmd5).  If I do that should I just have a libmd5-dev package
with no corresponding libmd5?

My reason for wanting to do this is that the pain that I've gone through
twice now to work out how to calculate md5's is greater than that which would
occur from writing a proper Debian package once.

"Neo" from "The Matrix" uses Debian, see this web page:

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