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Re: Please Moderate Debian-Devel-Announce

Branden Robinson wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 30, 2000 at 12:47:00PM -0500, Brian White wrote:
> > Would somebody please moderate "debian-devel-announce"?  There are just far
> > too many people posting to it about things that should not be there.  A few
> > other people have already expressed concern over this.  Thank you!
> You should send mails like this to the list administrators rather than
> spamming an announcement list with it.

I would rather suggest that people learn to use Mail-Followup-To
and Reply-To headers.

Otoh who should moderate dda in your (bcwhite) opinion?



No question is too silly to ask, but, of course, some are too silly
to answer.   -- Perl book

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