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Re: WARNING: base-files in current potato nukes /var/spool/mail contents


To followup on this issue, a closer look at the base-files.postinst file
reveiled the truth about. It turns out that it checks for the
/var/spool/mail being a directory, and if not it replaces it by a
symlink to /var/mail. Something like that.  

It won't affect most of the people out there.

Anyways I have some weird configuration and this upgrade made the spool
files disappear. Luckily it at the end turned out not to be lost, though
disappeared (hence the mail clients couldn't find the mail). Of course this
is a bug, but as it's not grave 'anymore' I'll downgrade it.

Why I sent that message? To be honest, two reasons: 1st to warn the others
of the apparent nuking of /var/spool/mail and 2nd I had to blame someone.
I'm sorry for that.

Regards, Remco.

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