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gkrellm + gnome1.1 bug

Hi all...

I'm playing with the new gnome1.1 stuff, and I've hit a small problem.

I'm trying to get gkrellm to be a swallowed app in a gnome panel, but it doesn't work right.  The only way I can get it to work, currently, is to start gkrellm, then add it as a swallowed app on the panel.  If I try to have the panel bring it up, it acts like no window it opened for gkrellm, although the space on the panel is correct.

Now, here's my question:  which pkg do I file this under, gkrellm, or gnome-panel?  Does the BTS even have the gnome1.1 stuff listed?  Thanks for anything you can do for me.

CC me, as I'm only on -devel-digest.

-- andyw

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