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Re: gkrellm + gnome1.1 bug

Le Sat, Feb 05, 2000 at 02:21:58AM -0600, Andy Ward écrivait:
> I'm trying to get gkrellm to be a swallowed app in a gnome panel, but it
> doesn't work right.  The only way I can get it to work, currently, is to
> start gkrellm, then add it as a swallowed app on the panel.  If I try to
> have the panel bring it up, it acts like no window it opened for
> gkrellm, although the space on the panel is correct.
> Now, here's my question:  which pkg do I file this under, gkrellm, or
> gnome-panel?  Does the BTS even have the gnome1.1 stuff listed?  Thanks
> for anything you can do for me.

Please if you use software that you compiled yourself and if you're not
able to precisely identify the problem, don't send bug reports ... BTW,
AFAIK gnome 1.1 is not yet on woody so it would be really stupid to fill
bugs here on the Debian BTS. It's great to test unstable software but then
you really should cooperate with upstream authors directly and you should
avoid to push the load on Debian maintainers, they have already enough to

We could write such guidelines for bug reporters and ask them to cooperate
directly with the upstream author when possible. Don't you think so ?

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