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Re: Boot floppies 2.2.6 has been uploaded. (Was: Re: Bug#56821: [POSSIBLE GRAVE SECURITY HOLD])

>>"Karl" == Karl M Hegbloom <karlheg@bittersweet.inetarena.com> writes:

 Karl>  Boot floppies 2.2.6 has been uploaded.
 Karl>  Starting with this version of `boot-floppies', `install-mbr' is run
 Karl>  with `--interrupt n', so that it is not interruptable during boot;
 Karl>  that is, holding shift will NOT display the MBR menu; it should
 Karl>  behave just like a standard MBR.  At local option, that functionality
 Karl>  may be enabled by the system administrator, via the `install-mbr'
 Karl>  command.

 Karl> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

 Karl> 	    Important Information about the installed MBR

 Karl>    The master boot record program that was just installed supports
 Karl>    several advanced options that have not been enabled by default.
 Karl>    The installed configuration will cause it to behave just like a
 Karl>    standard MBR.  For information about the advanced features
 Karl>    supported by the mbr, please read the 'install-mbr' manual page.

 Karl> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

        How about letting the casual user know how to revert the the
 mbr to the traditional Debian state at this point? If we are going to
 emasculate mbr to to satisfy some off the wall high security sites,
 (which, I think is a mistake, personally), at least let the common
 folk know how to revert it off the bat.

        And this should definitely become a configuration option, at
 your earliest convenience.

        Do you need me to file a wish list bug for this added

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