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Re: Developement of a new postcript converter.

On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, Christian T. Steigies wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 03, 2000 at 12:30:39PM +0100, Torsten Landschoff wrote:
> > > - Unix user will be happy to make word processing ... presentation ... 
> > > I'am very frustate to use windows for printing in high quality. (I have a
> > > deskjet 880C).
> > 
> > Please write to HP asking for the specs. Surely someone would want to write
> > the code. I would do it if I had such a printer.
> There is allready a driver for the 880C out there, however the license is
> incompatible with the gs-aladdin license and thus can not be included in the
> debian package, AFAIK.
> http://www.proaxis.com/~mgelhaus/linux/software/hp880c/hp880c.html
> I have an 880C and I built a debian package with this driver for my own use,
> its working neat, I might dig out the deb and give it to you, if thats not
> illegal...
> I might also let Torsten put his hands on the printer for a short time, but
> he is busy with his studies ;-)

I have had lots of success with the hpdj driver, which, although not an
official part of gs, is included with the debian package of gs.

It works faster than any other driver I've tried on my printer (which is a
890C), so is probably worth a try for you.  I'm happy to help anyone out
in private email on the details of getting it set up.

Its home page is ftp://ftp.sbs.de/pub/graphics/ghostscript/pcl3/pcl3.html

Since HP recently made some moves into the open source arena, it might be
possible to persuade them to open up the remainder of their
specifications, on how to get photo colour (which, AFAIK, *none* the GS
drivers know how to do). If any of you have some programming time, I
suggest getting in contact with the author of the above, and possibly HP.

To Torsten: Making a run-time dynamic loader for GS sounds like a cool
project.  I hope you find time for it.  It would amuse me greatly if you
GPL'ed it, since then aladdin wouldn't be able to use it in their
proprietry version and GPL ghostscript would have 'one up' on them...
however, that might be classed 'biting the hand that feeds'.


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