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Re: KDE: a plan how to solve that


the FAQ looks good to me.

I think, however, it would be good to be more explicit on where QPL and GLP
are in conflict. That is really the most complicated part of the problem, and as
we could see in this thread, also the point where most misunderstandings

> In particular, Richard Stallman wrote the GNU Public License (GPL), so
> that his software could be shared without losing access to it.  The GPL
> allows for commercial redistribution and enhancement, but not proprietary
> redistribution.  It achieves this by making it illegal to distribute
> GPLed code if it's licensed under terms more restrictive than the GPL.
> Qt was written with somewhat different goals in mind.  Qt is proprietary
> to Troll Tech, but can be redistributed freely in a non-commercial
> environment.
Maybe after this paragraph you could briefly mention just where QPL and GPL

Also, just for fairness you could mention that the KDE people believe that the
GPL allows what they do because in their opinion the QPL is not too restrictive
to be GPL-compatible.

Anyway, good work and something that's really needed on the Debian Website!



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