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On Feb 03, Thomas Quinot wrote:
> Now, if you are willing to stop spreading FUD and perform an elementary
> reality check, can you provide one example scenario where Debian's mbr buys
> you one fnctionality that cannot beachieved using plain LILO?

Sure, I'll bite: MBR lets you choose partitions without *any
configuration whatsoever*.  I set my primary partition as hda2 or hda3
(Linux), and can switch to hda1 by doing SHIFT, A, 1 (Windows 9x).  No
need to learn Lilo's configuration syntax; it just works out of the box.

Yes, MBR does nothing that can't be achieved with lilo.  Python does
nothing that can't be achieved by using Perl (or any other
Turing-complete language).  To each his own.  Don't like MBR: don't
use it.

(Also, do you actually know what FUD is, or did you see it on Slashdot
and decide that it's a term you'd like to work into conversation?  If
anyone is engaging in FUD around here, it's the people saying that
MBR is the worst security hole since sendmail.)

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