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>>"Nils" == Nils Jeppe <nils@jeppe.de> writes:

 Nils> For you it isn't, for him it is. Security needs vary a little.
 Nils> I tend to agree it's not "grave" because it won't affect most
 Nils> debian boxes, but this doesn't mean it shouldn't be
 Nils> adressed. Since it is "grave" for everybody running public
 Nils> Deban boxes, I don't see why a warning during the installation
 Nils> shouldn't be implemented and this discussion closed. ;)

        Because there are too many things already flying by during a
 normal install and this is going to be missed. Uless you stop the
 install and make everyone press snter, aggravating an already touchy
 area -- interactive install.

        Far better to document this in a Secure Debian doc, which
 security conscious sysadmins can read.

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