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>>"Pierre" == Pierre Beyssac <beyssac@enst.fr> writes:

 Pierre> Let me restate: what purpose, in terms of system usability, do the
 Pierre> keyboard-controlled floppy (or any other partition) boot functions
 Pierre> of _this_ MBR serve, that the BIOS or Lilo cannot accomplish?

 Pierre> I obviously agree that you need a MBR. Why, of all the MBRs in the
 Pierre> world, is this dangerous MBR installed instead of Lilo's MBR or
 Pierre> any other secure MBR?

        Allow me to boot my machine, bypassing LILO, when I have
 screwed lilo up? Can you tell me how to accomplish that with a less
 featureful mbr?

        You want a heideously secure machine, you can configure the MBR.

 [...] or some clown changed the chips on a board and not its
 name. (Don't laugh!  Look at the SMC etherpower for that.) from
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