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Re: Just discovered big bug!

On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 10:35:36PM +1300, Carey Evans wrote:
> Setting "nobouncemail" stops fetchmail from flushing mail when it
> can't deliver the bounce (unless the SMTP error code for the delivery

According to the docs it only means bouncing the mail to the local
postmaster instead of the sender. Either there is more undocumented
functionality or it does not help  since in my case there was no bounce at

> is 553), and the "antispam -1" stops fetchmail from flushing the
> message when it gets certain error codes (501, 550, 554, 571) from the
> SMTP server.

Yes, that might have helped. After all fetchmail.1 says: 

       ... This
       is one of the only three circumstance under  which  fetch­
       mail  ever  discards  mail (the others are the 552 and 553
       errors  described  below,  and  the  suppression  of  mul­
       tidropped messages with a message-ID already seen).

Well if it had send a bounce it would be okay IMO. But I did not notice one
and neither did anyone tell me he received one.

> According to bug #43140, the default behaviour seems to be a feature.

I have to read that.

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