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Re: Just discovered big bug!

Michael Meskes <meskes@debian.org> writes:


> So as you might imagine sendmail did not like it and answered with
> NOQUEUE: Null connection from localhost [] 
> on each mail I fed it via fetchmail. Yes, that means the mail was not
> delivered. But fetchmail simply didn't care at all and flushed my mailboxes. 

As far as I can tell, the following settings in .fetchmailrc stop
fetchmail discarding mail when it gets errors delivering it and the
attempted bounce.  Maybe these would fix bug #43140 if they were the
default, too.

set nobouncemail

poll pop.clear.net.nz ...... antispam -1

Setting "nobouncemail" stops fetchmail from flushing mail when it
can't deliver the bounce (unless the SMTP error code for the delivery
is 553), and the "antispam -1" stops fetchmail from flushing the
message when it gets certain error codes (501, 550, 554, 571) from the
SMTP server.

According to bug #43140, the default behaviour seems to be a feature.

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