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Securing a Debian machine

People are making many valid points with respect to mbr, security
of a Debian based machine and ease of maintenance. I think everyone
agrees that this is (yet another) way to 'break' into a Debian
machine (even if you don't, discuss it elsewhere so you don't hijack
this thread).

I propose we do the following:
 - leave mbr as it currently stands. Most users are worried about
   net or user based attacks, not about physical attacks.
 - Create a security document outlining the changes needed to make
   a Debian machine secure from different types of attacks. One
   section would outline the steps needed to protect a machine
   from people with physical access to the machine (*). This
   document should be Debian specific.

>From the emotional level of the mbr discussion, I am sure there are
some people out there who would be willing to work on such a document.
If someone comes up with a good outline, send it to me. I can give
them access to the website so it can go online.

The implementation of a 'Securing Debian' document could also go
a long way toward showing people how secure a Debian based system
can be. I get sick of hearing people state that *BSD is more secure.

James (Jay) Treacy

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