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You bring up a good point, as MILO on Alpha has some similar
capabilities, such as displaying any file on any filesystem on any
drive.  LILO would theoretically have access to do that as well, it's
just not smart enough to do so.

Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

> In fact, sparc HARDWARE allows you to boot from tftp, floppy, CD, or any
> harddrive. So am I to suppose that SPARC hardware is insecure by default
> (for physical security)? Of course, and thus I would change it. Am I to
> suppose that it should be made not to do that by default? No, because it
> is setup to be easy to manage by default, and if I want better, I change
> it. Same with the MBR.
> Joseph, this is pointed at the argument, not at you :)
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