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Strange delivery in postfix/procmail configuration

I just switched from sendmail to postfix (and boy was that easy) and enabled
procmail in postfix. My host feivel.fam-meskes.de is masqueraded to
fam-meskes.de. This works fine.

Also if I send a local mail to michael@fam-meskes.de it is delivered
immediately. If I send it to root@fam-meskes.de, though, it gets delivered
immediately too but it ends up in /var/spool/nobody. Root has neither a
.forward nor a .procmailrc file. And no, it's not listed in /etc/aliases

Strangely enough this is not how it worked when I originally installed it
since I do have some mail in root's mailbox from logcheck. But I do not
remember having changed anything that could affect this.

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