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Re: Experience with MySQL 3.23 under Debian 2.2

On 1 Feb 2000, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> ch@lathspell.westend.com (Christian Hammers) writes:
> > I am the maintainer of MySQL an am planning to build a 3.23 series
> > when potato is released. (before that I have probably enough to do
> > with fixing all outstanding bugs in my packages).
> I would request that you upload this to experimental, at least until
> 3.23 hits "beta" (and perhaps not even until it's "gamma")---they've
> totally rewritten the underlying code, which apparently broke some
> existing functionality, plus, well, it's totally new code. :-)
> It just might be a bit much to make the main mysql package.

It could go straight into unstable as mysql-server-23?  Leaving
mysql-server as the 22 version. (And perhaps standardise on 23 by the
release, but not until it's declared stable by Monty)


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