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Re: Ghostscript Bug!? Please help!

On Mon, Jan 31, 2000 at 12:31:57AM +0100, Torsten Landschoff wrote:
> I got a report on my gs packages that gs is unable to interpret the output
> of Netscape. It seems it is related to the gsfonts package because it seems
> to work after editing gs.Fontmap in /etc.

That is probably the reason why I cannot print from netscape anymore. I
haven't looked into it but I definitely have that netscape problem even if I
print from netscape to a file and then try to print the file using gs.

> Since I am unable to reproduce this problem I ask for your help. Could you 
> please check if the attached eps file is interpreted correctly on your 

Unfortunately there was no eps file on this mail.

> system? It writes a simple string in each of the installed fonts. If it
> fails this might be because you don't have installed the gsfonts-other 

I don't have it. Do I need it? If so why isn't there a dependency asking for
it? Or is it just because the /etc/gs.Fontmap file still lists the fonts? Or
because netscape uses only fonts from this package?

> Maybe we can track the bug that way. Perhaps it is just a weird local problem
> occuring on some systems. Anyway - it should not fail so miserably.

Could it also be related to the version of gs? I use gs-aladdin 5.50-6.

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