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Re: Why no package seems to take care of the new /dev/console device?

In article <20000129161441.A3388@ev1.net> you wrote:

> Indeed, there is a "MAKEDEV update" option.  Just scanning the script
> seems to indicate it *might* do the right thing.  Can someone with
> more familiarity with the MAKEDEV script comment on this?

Hmmm.  I don't think 'update' is going to help.  The purpose of 'update' is
to read the kernel's list of configured devices from /proc/devices, and create
any required device files.  Frankly, it's incomplete... and keeping up with
the devices added to new kernels is a losing battle. 

The "right" solution is probably

	cd /dev
	/sbin/MAKEDEV console

However, it's not clear where that should be done.  It builds the console
device to match the running kernel's needs, so even running it from the 
kernel-image postinst isn't guaranteed to work, since the kernel you're running
may not have anything to do with what you're installing.

I wonder if adding the console-making piece to /etc/init.d/makedev would be
reasonable?  Or is that too late in the boot process to help?


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