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Re: CONFIRM'ing replies only in smartlist for announcement lists

On Sun, Jan 30, 2000 at 02:04:30PM +1300, Sam Vilain wrote:
> > > I just logged a wishlist bug against majordomo to support CONFIRMation
> > > of replies.  Hopefully that will eventually stop this sort of thing
> > > from happening again/all the time :).
> > Not likely.  We use smartlist :-)
> Damnit.  This is a problem with free software, it's just so damned
> efficient that new packages can spring up with a full feature set
> completely replacing the packages that I am used to using.

That's not just free software but the internet economy: it is cheaper to 
start from scratch with an upgrade having learned from someone elses 
mistakes (or legacy) than it is for them to "fix" that across their 
existing customer base.

> How about a "shameless-plug:" archive control field, so that when
> people install "majordomo" it says "Say, did you know that the Debian
> project recommends the `smartlist' package for mailing list
> functionality"?  :-)

There is a LOT we can learn from each other.  It could be as simple 
(and automated) as a count of what's installed on various "classes" 
of systems.

<your_smtp_mailer> register@debian.org -s my_registration < dpkg --get-selections

Setting the "classes" would be the hard part:
eg quake on 1 workstation or an ISP running minivend, etc....


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