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Why no package seems to take care of the new /dev/console device?

This question bothers me lately, and it was brought up on debian-user few 
times. Yet, although I am trying to constantly update the packages I am using 
it seems that no package takes care for it.
Further more, I believe that it will be raised more frequently once potato 
will become the current debian release (stable).

The problem is, as you can see from the subject, the new /dev/console device.
It seems that with slink there used to be a link /dev/console -> tty0. However 
series 2.2 kernels probably have some other mechanism and a new /dev/console 
device. Therefor, I think debian should:
1) Verify that the above assertion is true.
2) Decide what current users (slink users) should do. Is it simply a matter of 
rm slink /dev/console and MAKEDEV the new /dev/console and that is all? What 
will be the consequences of doing these rm and MAKEDEDV on a running system?
3) Decide about the package that should take care of that.

It seems to me that with my current situation (having slink /dev/console and 
2.2.14 kernel) the only consequence is that I am getting "Couldn't open 
console" when I issue xconsole & from an xterm prompt. It might also be that 
this is the reason for not having an xconsole open automatically when I am 
logging in with xdm but I am not sure of that.

I hope I managed to write meaningful posting.

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