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Compiling a .tar.gz kernel?


Any specific issues when compiling a kernel from kernel.org compared
to a source in .deb format?

After replacing my TNT2 32MB card with a G400 32MB dual head I am
very eager to try out the new glx and mesa SW developed in the
utah-glx project. I order to make get AGP support, you need to patch an
2.2.x kernel or compile a 2.3.x one. The latest kernel in Debian is
2.2.14 in source format. This kernel has been sucessfully compiled and
is running well om my SMP machine.

I also downloaded the 2.2.40 kernel.
Are the kernel-source,-doc-headers,-image files created in the same
way as for 2.2.14 using make-kpkg and make config?

Svante Signell

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