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Re: PCMCIA Support

> 3c575_cm: request i/o out of resource
> i also get a card manager error but only when the card
> is in, when i take it out and put in my modem card
> everything is fine

Card services is unable to find a free range of memory to allocate
to the network card.  There are many helpful hints on how to get
this to work in the PCMCIA-HOWTO which can be found at:


The basic gist will be to modify your /etc/pcmcia/config.opts
and /etc/pcmcia.config files to help card services find some free
memory to use.

You might also look on the Linux Laptop pages to see if anyone else
out there is using the same combination of hardware.  I've had
good luck with these pages in the past.  I'm not sure of the URL,
but a google search should give you a good shot at finding it.

Finally, give Donald Becker's web page a shot.  I think he wrote
the driver for this card (like many of them) and his page has a lot
of good stuff on it about how to make particular cards work.  Again,
fire up google and search. . .

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