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Re: xinetd adoption/takeover; radiusd-cistron orphaned

-> The maintainer of xined package, Norbert Veber, should appear on this planet
-> in the next few days (some of his e-mail addresses bounce :( ), else I shall
-> take the xinetd package. I have already done a couple of uploads of that
-> package, closing a dozen or so bugs.
-> After summer 1999, nobody has found any traces of him. He also isn't in
-> ~maor/dinstall/debian-keyring.*, so I guess he's oficially declared MIA.
-> Thus, his other package "radiusd-cistron" is orphaned, too.

FreeBSD has xzinetd version which already allows using of tcp
wrappers and some other changes. I'd like someone (you?) to port this.
 Matus "fantomas" Uhlar, sysadmin at NEXTRA, Slovakia; IRCNET admin of *.sk
 uhlar@fantomas.sk ; http://www.fantomas.sk/ ; http://www.nextra.sk/
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